In addition, a line of spur-trigger cartridge revolvers in . 2ND MODEL MERWIN & HULBERT OPEN TOP REVOLVER. IMHO the action would stand . SN 7207. 38 Service Revolver. # gun. 2 Spur Trigger 32 Rimfire GI#: 101603550 This one retains 80% frame nickel and 70% cylinder nickel. 22 , . The mechanical function is very good and the bore is shiny with good rifling but has some corrosion. U. The bore cleans up ok. 00 This is an antique Hopkins and Allen XL Falling Block set with two barrels and a wooden case. Got a old functioning . This firearms company was founded in 1868, and in 1916, the company was purchased by Marlin Rockwell. com : 888241419 You must Sign In or Register for a GunBroker. The cylinder may be either fluted or unfluted, and the release is on the left side. 41 Rimfire Pocket Pistol Detailed Description To Follow. Tapered round barrel is 21 1/4" long. 38 versions, the H & A company had a major disaster of a country had awarded the company the manufacturing contract for their new milita. We focus primarily on original factory manufactured parts with minimal wear for obsolete firearms, but also stock parts for modern firearms as well as a limited number of reproduction parts. , 2-3/4", Octagon, Blued, Used Factory Original. We provide original gun parts, collectible firearms, and related merchandise with integrity, quality, and service, which are the strengths of our business. 32 Rf actions. Built by Hopkins and Allen sometime in the 1880s or early 1890s, this 32 Rimfire single action revolver was designed to appeal to gamblers, saloon girls or vagabonds who needed affordable protection against thieves or bullies. If you know anymore history about these rifles, please comment below. Since the rifle is a falling block single-shot I guess it qualifies for  Browse for your Hopkins & Allen parts and accessories from the huge selection rimfire handguns, and then later on centerfire handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Auctioneers 93 on 16th September CONNECTICUT, EARLY 20TH  hello,, the hopkins and allen single shot falling block rifles were made from 1888- 1892 in a varity of calibers ,,things to concider when valueing a older firearm  26 Jul 2015 View sold price and similar items: Hopkins & Allen Junior No. Very Scarce Bacon Arms . A firearms manufacturing company based in Norwich, Connecticut from 1902 to 1916. Jun 16, 2006 · Pat Garret carried a . My dad's first rifle at the age of 10 was a Hopkins & Allen . Make: Hopkins & Allen Model: 932 Serial Number: 897 (Located on the face of the receiver with the barrel removed) Year of Manufacture: 1887-1914 Caliber: Currently 22 Magnum / Originally . 832 Description: This is a firing rifle. 22 and . 00 Add to cart; Hopkins & Allen Diadem Smokeless Steel 12-ga Shotgun Parts, trigger $ 15. 1 in stock. Burda |. Converse, Horace Briggs, Samuel S. Rim Fire Drop Block Hopkins & Allen 32 Cal. Sep 03, 2013 · The Hopkins & Allen Ranger is one of many spur-trigger revolvers made by that company. 32 caliber. 00 Add to cart; Hopkins & Allen range mod, 32 cal factory grips. Hopkins+Allen Arms Co. Seems like itd be a shooter still in its current state. The stock is checkered and in great shape. Pat Jan 5, 88 silver, 32 short 6 shot revolve … read more Oct 08, 2012 · Hopkins & Allen Misc -- Other Rimfire Rifle Brands 932 in 32 rimfire and the 938 in S&W 32 centerfire cals. 32 Rimfire Revolver 32 Long Rim Fire Spur Trigger Revolver, Serial No. Full nickel plated with ornate hard rubber grips very similar to S&W's ornate relief style grips. Apr 10, 2019 · When the patent expired, Hopkins & Allen started producing . SERIAL #: None DESIGN: Single shot falling block rifle with ring tail under lever. 32 Caliber Top Release Target Rifle. It is a 32 caliber. Original nickel plate covers 95% of the antique finish. It is chambered for either the 32 Long or Short cartridge. 5 days Lef Used Firearms for Sale in Canada: Antique Hopkins & Allen Dictator Revolver in 32 Rimfire. Holabird  1 Apr 2008 i just bought a little single shot rifle. They were made primarily in short and long lengths, but extra short, long rifle and extra long lengths were also offered. 84XX. Great deals on Hopkins & Allen Gun Parts. rimfire, 22" round bbl, Fair co - Rich Penn Auction Company Aug 19, 2010 · And I have converted a 932 rimfire H&A to shoot the . Verified Seller. 22 version was chambered for . ” Remington rifles in . Frank deHaas might have suggested silver-soldering the barrel in place, pin and all. Shipping to the lower 48 will be 35. Bid on Hopkins & Allen No. 32 5 shot Rimfire revolver is very good condition. com. in 1914. $ 46. Best guess is # . Apr 11, 2013 · What is the current market value of the following firearms? 1. This rifle is in good condition with signs of wear and use. 32 Rimfire from Cordier Auctions & Appraisals on Invalid date EDT. I don't have any pics of it at this moment. Rim Fire Drop Block Rifle CONNECTICUT, EARLY 20TH CENTURY A 32 caliber rim fire drop block riffle manufactured by Hopkins and 2ND MODEL MERWIN & HULBERT OPEN TOP REVOLVER. appears to be 44 M&H. The Remington double took the . # # Any web sites I should look at? 32 Rim Fire Hawkins & Allen Falling Block Hopkins & Allen RANGER No. 22 LR? # # My local gun smith suggested the Blue Book, I can send in pictures # there, if the opinion is it does have collector value. 32 rimfire. 32 RF to my son-in-law and kept the . 80% Nickle, wooden grips. 2 Jun 2018 Hopkins & Allen 38 S&W Rifle Looks like the . 32 rimfire Bacon revolvers under the H&A name. 22-1/2" round barrel. 36 percussion and . Later, it acquired other makers such as Davenport Firearms (1901) and Forehand & Wadsworth (1902). Hopkins & Allen company records are a bit “sketchy” at best. This is a nicely engraved revolver by the factory  Products, Shotguns, revolvers, rifles. Older light caliber revolver, a good choice for collectors. Hopkins & Allen was known mainly for their revolvers, but the firm did start manufacturing single shot rifles about 1888. 00 Add As the title states, I have a Hopkins and Allen No. Hopkins And Allen Shotgun Stock . 32 S&W. Decent lockup, good rifling, smooth grips. Good rotation, good alignment of the cilinder and good springs. Hopkins & Allen Arms Company was an American firearms manufacturing company based in Hulbert revolvers, Hopkins & Allen manufactured a variety of spur trigger single-action revolvers in . It's merely  In addition, a line of spur-trigger cartridge revolvers in . 20 years old and up can purchase. Hopkins & Allen Arms Company was a US firearms manufacturi on Apr 01, 2017. Freedom Arms Belt-buckel 22 Mag on bottom 830224, 4 shot revolver 2. · Model Ranger 2, after 1868. Has anyone tried to convert this 32 rimfire to a 17HMR? I would like to have a small rifle which would look similar to the Win. Rifle is a Hopkins & Allen model junior no. 32 rimfire rifle up for auction today, see the photos and scan. 32 rimfire is a family of cartridges which were chambered in revolvers and rifles in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 2zero8-2one4-4zero86 Hopkins & Allen . Find accessories, different models, and parts you need for your vintage gun. Offered for sale is a Hopkins & Allen. Aug 19, 2010 · And I have converted a 932 rimfire H&A to shoot the . This is a discussion on Hopkins & Allen . L. Hopkins & Allen Diadem Smokeless Steel 12-ga Shotgun Parts, locking bolt and link $ 15. S. 38 caliber revolvers as well as shotguns and rifles. 31 & . 572 items 3 - Missing Parts: More than a few missing small parts. NORWICH CONN. 6 shot, large solid frame revolver. It has a fixed notch rear sight and a blade front sight, each dovetailed into the barrel. 41 rimfire and of course the Henry and Winchester 1866 took the . 32, and . 32 rimfire Hopkins & Allen began production of falling block rifles and tip-up shotguns. Scarce grips. where you can remove a screw change the block hight from rimf Hopkins And Allen XL No. Hopkins & Allen was founded in 1868 as a firearms manufacturer by Charles W. after giving my cousin a good smack for it ( again. 32 RF to my son-in-law and kept the . Pat Jan 5 1886 XL Double Action. It comes with 2 box of shell mostly full boxes. This is a Bulldog type with normal trigger and trigger guard. Holabird Western 4377 - Hopkins & Allen 12 Gauge Falling Block Shotgun. 32 Rimfire Revolver. Hopkins & Allen Rifle Buttplate, Crescent, Polished Brass. Hopkins & Allen 32 Revolver . Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. 312 80 gr bullets fired in allen & wheelock pistol from 1860s also am trying . There was a range of rimfire cartridges for derringers and small revolvers. Showing all 5 results 32 Rimfire (#4388) $ 750. Edit- Found a Hopkins & Allen "Dictator" for sale, good shape, $275, just for comparison. HOPKINS ALLEN XL NO4 Hopkins & Allen Falling Block Rifle. These are fine rifles as well and it's great to be able to get them shooting again. $725, gun alone. Many of Hopkins & Allen revolvers were sold to distributors under trade names including Blue Jacket, Mountain Eagle, Ranger, and others. The No. virtually nothing about it, other than it's old and shoots . L. com Barrel, . 22 RF for a long time. Hopkins & Allen Ranger No. 32 rimfire caliber, 21. Also, it appears that it was a switch barrel rifle, wit Test barrel length: Rifle . Overall nice patina, wood is still decent, action works as it should. Brass reloadable cases on hand I would add for $50 instead of $60 the regular price. GUN OF THE DAY - Hopkins & Allen Safety Police Revolver. 32 RF), 638 (. 38 caliber, Hopkins & Allen Pocket Revolver Model 1875, 2 1/2" octagon barrel right side Auto Ejecting Revolvers . 932 Rifle - See the nice Hopkins & allen . Hopkins Allen Model 922 Parts. 32 rimfire calibers was introduced. E. While made in . It is not to be confused with the similar Ranger No. At dads death I became the owner of this unique rifle. . Does it have collector value? Sleeve it to . Aug 06, 2013 · moths have gone buy and ive finally got the gun cleaned and actually did the repair work myself. Dickinson Ranger No. 32 Short and Long rimfire cartridges matched the external dimensions of the . 38 rimfire cartridges are a type of ammunition that have been Much like the smaller . but it felt good Nov 04, 2005 · I have a 38 Cal. Lenght 18cm Het is verboden The Hopkins and Allen Ranger No. View this auction and search for other auctions now on the leading online auction platform. Rifle, Hopkins and Allen, "The Merwin Hulbert & Co. Could anyone tell me a little about this rifle, and how much it may be worth? Condition is poor to fair, because of dents and dings and external rust. View Sellers  Double Rifles (Misc. The five-shot. £695. 32 rimfire Ranger No. Home / Antiques / Hopkins & Allen XL#3 NY. did make the little BP rifle in 632 (. 32 Rimfire Long. I think the Dictator was in . T. 11-04-2005, 05:04 PM Test barrel length: 24 . Hopkins and Allen safety police pistol and need to know where I can get some ammo for this. 38RF was Hopkins Here is a very nice condition, DICTATOR spur trigger revolver, in 32 rimfire, by HOPKINS & ALLEN. 932 21 Barrel 32 Rim Fire Stevens Favorite HOPKINS & ALLEN > Percussion and Rimfire Open-Top Single-Action Revolvers Percussion and Rimfire Open-Top Single-Action Revolvers Continuation of the . 3 gamblers revolver. The gun was in terrible shape. Product #: 1892140. 5 Jan 2015 32 rim fire. They were made from 1871 to around 1899. SOLD HOPKINS & ALLEN RIFLE BUTTPLATE MODELS 900, 1900 & 2900 Approximately 4 3/16" X 1 1/4" The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane ButtPlates. Nice quality piece. 32 S&W caliber, 6 shot double action revolver, top break, 3 1/2", 5" of 5 1/2" barrel with folding hammer, made from 1885 to 1907 # gun. Antique Hopkins & Allen Defender 32 Rimfire Rim fire Pre 1897 1898 Hand gun Revolver in motion Barrel reads Hopkins& Allen Mfg Co. 32 Rimfire Falling Block, Takedown, No. Allen, Charles A. Crescent type Black and Pink Adult or Kid Sleeping Bag 2-Season 75 X 32 Inches Camping Fun. Hopkins Allen Gun Parts. After a fire destroyed the factory and M&H went out of business, the Hopkins and Allen Company was reorganized, the factory was rebuilt, and the Junior was revived, as the 922/1922 and 932/1932 series, in . # # Any web sites I should look at? 32 Rim Fire Hawkins & Allen Falling Block Antique Status Phoenix 32RF, made by Hopkins and Allen. 32 rimfire for sale. 32 RIM FIRE RIFLE. The high-quality Merwin Hulbert & Co. The . Manufacturers in the USA generally discontinued making . ) revolvers produced in the 1870s and 1880s are usually found marked with the Hopkins & Allen name on the barrels. 932. Hopkins and Allen Ranger #2 . Our Molding Technology Produces Mirror P (read more) Hopkins and Allen Model 932 Junior 32 Rimfire - Single Shot Rifles at GunBroker. Add to basket   15 Dec 2018 As the title states, I have a Hopkins and Allen No. This one has a gentle domed top. Hopkins Allen No. 36 RIMFIRE REVOLVER. PAT. The 38 shells I buy now wont fit because the casing are to long. Hopkins And Allen 32 Revolver Parts. The nose on the cylinder was correded away and only half of it was about the right length. F. I was think about new fancy stocks, a new barrel and I even bought an old looking scope to put on it. There is a little crack at the top off the left grip. v. Good action Good rifling Antique statusLockup is okay, id solder the 5 points of the cylinder that mesh near the hammer, maybe 1-2mm. Rim Fire Drop Block Rifle sold at auction by Bruneau & Co. 304 in (7. It's in . I believe this model was added to the catalog in 1890? Please look at the pictures, ask questions. Excellent, light finish wear. $36. Martini Falling Block Rifle Lot #50: Browning Model 1885 Falling Block Single Shot Rifle . 2 32 Rimfire spur trigger revolver is one of the guns which uses this bird's head style of grip. Hopkins & Allen. The revolver has a nickel plated finish 98% left. 2. Some have a straight, flat top. I have one of each. Has anyone tried to convert this 32 rimfire to a 17HMR? I would like to have a small rifle which  HOPKINS & ALLEN . Antique status, FRT easily found on armalytics 20 years and up can purchase No Pal Needed Price Is Firm, offers less than FEATURES: Caliber is . The original nickel plating is approximately 99% a Hopkins & Allen. 22LR. 32 rimfire ammunition after the country's entrance into WWII in 1941 Hopkins And Allen 722 Parts. Barrel has about 98% of the original soft blue finish. Hopkins & Allen was best known for inexpensive pocket revolvers. 19 Jan 2010 I've a Hopkins & Allen 6 shot 32 rimfire double action. The trigger was missing along with the main spring, cylinder pin latch and grips. 32 Colt Short and Long centerfire cartridges; the Marlin Model 1891 lever-action repeating rifle was shipped with two firing pins, one rimfire and one centerfire, to allow use Hopkins & Allen Arms Company was an American gun manufacturer based in Norwich, Connecticut. 32 revolver. the Henry Rifle or Winchester Model 1866, while the majority of the X 18 Aug 2020 Hopkins & Allen XL Navy Rimfire . Ships direct to the seller. 5 - Complete: Everything but the receiver is included in this kit. See no reason it cant be shot. MArch 28, 1871on the top of the barrel. No Pal Required. revolvers. Hopkins and Charles W. These feature fish, flamingoes, butterflies, snakes, clovers, boats, and a domed temple. 32 rimfire as well as . 44 rimfire. 2 is chambered in . 17 rim fire mag cases for 25 stevens May 30, 2014 · A very quick look at Google got me this: hopkins & allen xl bulldog 32 cal - Google Search Look at the fifth item down from the top, a PDF monograph from a gun-collectors' society on the subject. HOPKINS & ALLEN XL NO. Dickinson. 32 R. The company was taken over by Marlin-Rockwell Corp. Positive feedback: 98% View |. 32 Rimfire. This rifle action is a fine falling block design. · Has the rare shorter 6 inch barrel. by Marlin-Rockwell Corporation for the war time production of Browning automatic rifle components. Add to cart. The company went through several changes in management over the years, and at its peak it employed 600 workers and made revolvers under many names—ACME, Captain Jack, Defender, Monarch, Mountain Eagle, Ranger and many This is an Antique Hopkins and Allen 32 rimfire bootgun. 832 Single-Shot Rifle sold at auction by Cowan's Auctions 440 on 11th March . For Sale from John S. Hopkins & Allen Ranger no 2 revolver caliber. 5 Feb 11, 2009 · We have been only discussing Stevens Favorites but I have also converted a Hopkins and Allen Model 932 from 32 Long Rimfire to 32 S&W Long. ) Drilling & Combo Shotgun Rifle Combos · DSA Rifles (DS Arms) · AR-15 type · FAL type · E Misc Rifles · EAA Rifles · Ed Brown Rifles · EMF   9 Apr 2018 ruger precision rimfire model rifle. 22 rimfire and . 4 . Aug 03, 2009 · Hopkins & Allen . 7 mm) [page needed] The . 22 RF had a very smooth and tight action and a very smooth light trigger pull, but the barrel was severely pitted. 00 $ 695 Action Colt Spur Trigger Custom made Damascus Deringer Double Barrel Engraved Etched Buy online, view images and see past prices for Hopkins & Allen No. 32 Rimfire. It's in mint condition and I know virtually nothing about it, other than it's old and shoots . Reprinted from the American Society of Arms Collectors Bulletin 20:32-44 A revolving rifle called the Chichester is typically Hopkins and Allen and carries their  Hopkins and Allen Navy revolver in cal 38 rimfire. Lot #238: Two American Single Shot Rifles Lot #775: Birmingham Small Arms Co. Hopkins & Allen 32 Cal. 6 Revolver, . . (q. The name was changed to Hopkins & Allen Arms Company in 1896. 32 S&W caliber, 6 shot double action revolver, top break, 3 1/2", 5" of 5 1/2" barrel with folding hammer, made from 1885 to 1907 Caliber is . 22 LR, never . Patent date Mar. Eight pages of the 1908 Hopkins & Allen Gun Guide and Catalog were given over to single shots and a rimfire magazine rifle produced by the company, prefaced by the following: “A small calibre rifle is a source of pleasure to all the family and can be very useful in training the mind and eye of the growing boy to accuracy and quickness of action. 3" octagon barrel. Rim Fire Drop Block Rifle CONNECTICUT, EARLY 20TH CENTURY A 32 caliber rim fire drop block riffle manufactured by Hopkins and When H&A was formed in 1868, it took over production of Bacon Manufacturing Co. 22s being made these days and the Hopkins & Allen-style rifles should quickly make a fine showing on today's market, being a small rimfire rifle much like “ Dad's”  Hopkins & Allen XL#3 NY. In 1874 Converse sold his interest in the company to brothers William and Milan Hulbert, giving the Hulberts 50% of the company's assets and capital. • Aug 18, 2020. 2 on the top of the frame. Tom has a great job on making a Steven Favorite action,but I have been thinking a H & Description: This is a beautiful antique Hopkins & Allen Falling Block single shot rifle for sale chambered in 32 Rimfire. 25 and . 22 rimfire. Hopkins and Allen Dictator. 32 caliber rimfire single action 5 shot revolver. The bluing and case coloring are excellent. There doesn't seem to be any real records as to serial number years of  12 Oct 2020 Writing about the two Hopkins & Allen rifles I have in my collection of round barrel in . 38 RF)and kept making  Hopkins & Allen Double Action No. Wallnut grips with 70% original varnish. 00 Add to cart; HOPKINS & ALLEN REVOLVERS Pocket 38 spl. Firms like H&A Percussion and Rimfire Open-Top Single-Action Revolvers. 32 Long, but I'd make sure that the barrel slip-fit was tight and lap the tapered retaining pin for full bearing. 32 Short Rimfire. 38 Smith  Bid on Hopkins & Allen 32 Cal. I didn't know the . 32 rimfire listed a bore diameter of . Hammer Assembly $ 40. The nickel is about 50% It has a 2 1/4" barrel. This rifle action is a fine falling block design. he had no idea why by then. 6 items 4 - Nearly Complete: Potentially missing some small parts such as pins, springs, etc. Old west cowboy hide out gun 32 Rimfire (#4333) $ 850. Manufacturer: HOPKINS & ALLEN. 32 rimfires only. Bore good. Jan 05, 2015 · The Hopkins & Allen Manufacturing Company of Norwich CT was founded in 1866. Used, in good working condition. 97,028 views97K views. This old rifle is in decent shape the only thing I see wrong with it the extractor is broken but I blieve it would work the firing ping is free the lever and falling block function. 2 . Aug 01, 2016 · The subject of this post is one of those guns. 2, with a 2- or 3-inch barrel, was made by Hopkins and Allen. 832 single shot rifle. 4 NY . It includes a 24-1/4-inch 44XL shotshell smoothbore round barrel with bead sight and a 24-inch rifled 38 WCF barrel octagonal barrel with adjustable sights. Cal. The mechanics are inoperable. high wall with a tang sight. $775 gun +5 brass reloadable rounds topped with bullets + 10 primers/ blasting caps. No powder included. 32 rimfire. There are many good, informative leads among these Google listings. Prolific production. 22, . The company was best known for producing rimfire handguns, and then later on centerfire handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Dec 15, 2017 · had 100 32 rf stud gun rounds from the construction industry I loaded them with . Fast & Free shipping on many items! Find Hopkins Allen on sale here with the largest variety of Hopkins Allen anywhere online. Not a spur trigger. 32 was used in rifles until I saw it here. 32 RF Falling Block Rifle. 22 & . 832 Rifle - . 32 Rimfire " Dictator " Revolver For Sale at GunAuction. 00. 27 Mar 2012 Just a video of my grandpa's Hopkins and Allen 22 rifle. 22 Long rifle, . Metal has no rust just older looking bluing as expected with its age. The serial number was 3127. Bid on Lot #384: Seven Single Shot Rifles -A) Hopkins & Allen Model No. I'll post again if I find out more. com account to take action on this item. 32 Rimfire Revolver is available on HiBid. 932 Rifle - . 32 Caliber Rimfire Action Type: Single Shot Falling Block Markings: The top of the barrel is marked “HOPKINS & ALLEN ARMS CO. 32 S&W round by making a longer link. 2 made by E. Show more. 32 H&A as a backup piece. 22 WRF. 22LR within the Rifles forums, part of the Long Gun Forum category; Originally Posted by Machinist There was a range of rimfire cartridges for derringers and small revolvers. Model: XL3 SMALL FRAME. RANGER NO. 32RF. | 2890 Completed Sales. Check 'em out. A. Marked on top off the frame 'Hopkins & Allen' 'DICTATOR' and patend date. Hopkins. 32 annular . The men at Hopkins & Allen were particularly savvy about the firearms business, revolvers chambered for low power rimfire cartridges in . CO. 32 rimfire with a falling block action. Junior", 32 cal. 22 cal rimfire. Hopkins and Allen model No. 2 Spur Trigger 32 Rimfire. 922 falling block 22 rifle. 5-shot cylinder. Thanks,Morty Hopkins & Allen 32 Cal. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. 32 Rimfire, so it's basically unshootable unless you can make or have someone make ammo. 4348 - “Holland & Holland” . Caliber. $349. 32 Rimfire, the rounds were originally manufactured that had revolvers and rifles chambered for the . There may be others, as the style was very popular in 1871 and thereabouts. It is single action, 5-shot, nickel plated, with an octagonal barrel, bakelite grips, and a 2 or 3 inch barrel. It is, for a cheap "boy's rifle", a pretty strong action,  5 Jan 2006 Have a Hopkins & Allen . The rifle features a 22" barrel, falling block action, fixed sights, walnut stock, and blue'd finish. 32 and . There were also 3922 and 3925 in Schuetzen styles Buy Hopkins & Allen 32 Rimfire: GunBroker is the largest seller of Antique Guns Collectible Firearms All Used Firearms for Sale in Canada: Antique Hopkins & Allen Dictator Revolver in 32 Rimfire Auction: 8975111 Hopkins & Allen -- Antique Single Action Spur Trigger 5 Shot Revolver in . after i ground that out with many pokes the bit fell right out. 32 Cal. Five shots in . The 1870s brought a period of expansion for H & A. it says Hopkins & allen arms co. 32 short rimfire caliber, 5 shot single action revolver, spur trigger, solid flat frame, 2 3/4" round barrel, fluted cylinder, birdshead Mother Of Pearl grips, , marked HOPKINS & ALLEN M'F'G. · Percussion   16 Dec 2008 with twist barrels, and the other a Hopkins & Allen Junior 932 . it was just a matter of putting a metal wire from a coat hanger in a drill bit and carefully wearing out the plastic around the pen tip. Hopkins And Allen Revolver Parts Hopkins & Allen DICTATOR caliber . -- 2 7/8 Round Barrel -- Nickel Finish -- Color Case Hardened Hamme Item:8975111 Hopkins & Allen . I gave the . # # Any web sites I should look at? 32 Rim Fire Hawkins & Allen Falling Block, the View sold price and similar items: Hopkins & Allen Junior No. 122 items I gave the . The bore is excellent.